The cutting edge of Sales Excellence

What are you doing about this right now?

The impact of Digital Transformation
  • Can you help your Client have a frictionless 2021 Journey
  • Is your Client prepared for the App Society or Economy
  • Can you discuss innovation and create value
Social & Agile Selling 
  • Spend time building their Personal Industry Network  -  PIN (c)

  • What are Sales target relationships socially broadcasting

  • Sales Team must post valued content that interests their target 

Do Sales understand DevOps
  • Client agility to address the demands of millennials
  • Address 'shadow/departmental IT' with your Client
  • Cloud/Utility style capability to their Customers
Immersive Management
  • Address the new FUD -Fear -  Uncertainty - Distraction

  • How much do you really know about your team members

  • Be a better Leader, Manager, Mentor and Coach

Out with the old and in with the new - website that is


ALTTITUDE announce the launch of their new look website –  The new website will be updated regularly by the ALTTITUDE team providing expert insights into the science of sales performance along with news and reviews by the ALTTITUDE team.  The site contains detailed sections on the programmes we deliver, the core ALTTITUDE team and feedback from our customers and partners.  We extend our thanks to Lynn Moir of Neat Marketing for working with the ALTTITUDE team to develop the site.  Should you wish more information on ALTTITUDE and the services it provides or give feedback on our new site, please contact us at, use our contact form or alternatively contact our Head Office, +44 (0) 1383 735557 directly.

ALTTITUDE official Cisco Business Learning Partner

ALTTITUDE have recently been awarded the status of “Business Learning Partner” with Cisco Systems.  ALTTITUDE is one of 27 Business Learning Partners (BLP) recognised globally by Cisco to focus on sharpening the business skills of Cisco’s Channel Partners and Customers.  Our Programmes offer comprehensive training around the business value of Cisco products, solutions and architects.  ALTTITUDE are attending the Worldwide Learning Partner Conference in Cancun, Mexico, where more details on the future of the programme and proposed BLP portal will be made available.  Should you wish to find out more information on this, please contact Mark Smith +44 7971 972 234